Jacobus Lock

I'm Jacobus, but please call me Jaycee. Ever since childhood, I've been interested in looking inside things and finding out how they work. Taking this interest to the further, I decided to study mechatronic engineering and robotics which gave me the opportunity to not only be able to understand the world around me a bit better, but to also to make my own contributions. After finishing my undergraduate and Master's degrees in Mechatronics, I started a PhD in computer science where I looked at ways to apply active vision techniques to a human-assistive task. I recently received my PhD and have since been working as a post-doctorate researcher on an agri-robotics project. This project is looking into a method to integrate GNSS and IMU sensors to localise a sprayer vehicle and use a LiDAR to map out the terrain. These data are then used to generate control signals so that the sprayer booms avoid hitting the crop surface. Outside of work, I have a number of tinkering projects I work on. Ultimately, these are to benefit me, but I love learning new things and often undertake these projects in a way where I'm exposed to things outside my comfort zone. For example, building and hosting this website!

Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems,
School of Computer Science
University of Lincoln, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)5122 886897