Jacobus Lock

I am a PhD student at the University of Lincoln, UK, at the School of Computer Science and I am a member of the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems Research (L-CAS).

My current research is focussed on finding a novel way to combine machine learning, computer vision and human-machine interaction to create an indoor navigation system for the visually impaired that can adapt itself to suit the needs and limitations of the individual user by learning his/her habits over time. The goal here is to provide a visually impaired user with a working navigation system without exposing them to a steep learning curve or losing any navigation performance in terms of target localisation.

Our system is based on a Google Project Tango device that allows us to find a 3D map of the environment and use that information to find any obstacles in the user's path. We then use a combination of vibration, spatialised audio cues and voice prompts to guide the user to his/her target destination while warning them of any oncoming obstacles.

Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems,
School of Computer Science
University of Lincoln, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)5122 886897